Blogging has grown astronomically since its inception and the medium shows no signs of slowing down.

No longer just the online journal of hundreds of thousands of people, blogs are now a key way for brands and companies to show personality, provide their customers with useful, engaging information and help new customers discover their products and services.

The travel industry is booming and the world has truly opened up. But with the increase of accessible and affordable travel, competition for travel companies has increased too.

One of the best ways to get popular and stay popular for a travel company is through a fantastic blog.

Attract Readers and Encourage Potential Customers

Gone are the days when tourists book through a high street travel agency, buy a guide book and head off into the sunset.

Instead, many travellers and holidaymakers do extensive online research before booking their trip as well as afterwards, to get tips about what to do while they’re there.

Whilst there are plenty of online travel magazines and blogs dedicated to destinations guides and Top 10s, by providing this kind of essential information through your company’s blog, you’ll be drawing in readers who may never have heard about your company before.

Attracting potential customers through blog posts is an enormously effective way of reaching travellers. But why?


Blog posts…

  • …enable readers to find your company without ever having heard of you. Instead of searching for your name, they’ll find you through your blog posts when they search keywords in Google. e.g. 10 Affordable Restaurants in Porto, or Mountain Bike Trails in the Brecon Beacons
  • …keep your social media channels alive and kicking. Without a blog, staying present on social media means coming up with new tweets or social posts constantly. Why not let your blog do the talking for you? If your social channels are alive, you’ll gain more followers, build authority and encourage customers.
  • …help increase organic search traffic. The more pages you have on your website, the more often your company can pop up in search engines. As each blog post is a new indexed page, your company will be appearing in relevant searches more and more. Result!

Build Authority and Trust

You might have been in the travel and tourism trade for decades but if your company’s website only has a few pages listing services, destinations or products, how will anyone know?

A blog is a powerhouse of information. It can include posts about your products or services, news items about destinations you cover or activities you promote, and helpful guides and tips for tourists.

If your company can provide all this useful, readable and enjoyable content, readers will see that you know your stuff.

If you run an adventure travel agency offering tours of the Alps and have a blog filled with posts about incredible alpine trips, readers can quickly see how well you understand your industry and how passionate you are about sharing it.

In short, potential customers want the best holiday possible and for that, they need experts to help them get it. With a jam-packed blog, you can easily show that your business is the expert they’re looking for.

Show Your Personality

It’s not enough to just sell services, trips or products. Humans are social creatures and are more loyal to brands they feel a genuine connection with.

And it’s hard to connect without a personality!

Alpkit is a great example of a company in the travel industry that excels at personality. An outdoor adventure gear brand, Alpkit started small and are expanding steadily.

But they still sound small. They still run a company that sounds like it’s run by your best mates and this approach has helped them develop their brand into a thriving community.

Alpkit have split their content into different types of blogs and networks that focus on different aspects of their community, their foundation work and their products. It all feeds into the same thing, the Alpkit brand.

Having a blog on your travel company’s website gives you unadulterated freedom to shout about who you are, why you love your travel niche and what makes your company the best at what it does.

There really isn’t a better way to attract new customers and carve an authoritative and engaging platform for your business online.

Do you need fresh travel and tourism blog posts for your brand’s website?

I can create new and exciting content on a regular basis that will draw in new customers and help you become an authoritative and personality-filled travel brand!