By Kitiara Pascoe

The Working Writer

The Career Module Your Creative Writing Degree Missed Out

Finished a writing degree but still have no idea how to turn it into a career?


Have you graduated with an English or Creative Writing degree but no idea how to actually make a living writing? Or maybe you skipped the degree but want to work as a writer.

If either of those are true, this book is for you.

The Working Writer is the career module that degrees miss out.

Inside you’ll learn about different types of writing work, how a portfolio career can bring your writing career stability and how to get started in everything from books and magazines to blogs and copywriting. 

You’ll learn how the industry is easier to get into than ever and how you can pick and choose different types of writing to build a freelance career that you’re proud of.

Learn about:

  • Copywriting
  • Blogging
  • Non-fiction
  • Fiction
  • Magazines
  • Motivation
  • And more!


Kitiara Pascoe

From my first magazine article in 2010 to my first book being published in 2018 and beyond, I’ve been working as a freelance writer across many different formats.

I’ve done everything from copywriting about forklift trucks and Christmas trees to writing national magazine features about long-distance sailing and having a travel memoir published internationally.

But when I graduated from my Creative Writing degree in 2010, I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know how to make money as a writer, I hadn’t even heard of copywriting!

It took me years to work out how to support myself as a professional writer and now I’ve condensed that knowledge into a book so you can take a shorter route!

My Books

The Working Writer

Learn how to start your career in writing across different mediums and formats.

In Bed with the Atlantic

My travel memoir, covering an extraordinary sailing voyage from the UK to Panama and back.

My Writing Blog

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