From short business eBooks and niche knowledge books to full length memoirs – get your story told and out to readers.

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Ghostwriting is a collaboration that allows you to utilise the expert writing skills of a ghostwriter to produce the book you want to write but don’t have the time or skillset to do so yourself.

I work with you to produce a fantastic business eBook, a knowledge guide or to translate your story into the memoir you’ve always wanted to write. All while keeping your name on the cover. 

“Thanks so much for the great work, we’re getting brilliant feedback on the books!”

How does ghostwriting work?

You might be an extraordinary entrepreneur, a world-class athlete or have experienced a life that you simply want to pass down to your family as a book.

In memoir writing and business knowledge books, we’ll sit down and get chatting. I’ll interview you in order to get the feel for your book and tone of voice and transform your story into the book you want.

Some projects will require more discussion than others and I also write eBooks from briefs and research. 

No matter what book it is you are looking to be written, I’ll work with you to ensure that it is true to you and your style. 

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How to Start Writing a Memoir

Do you want to write your life story? It's a good goal to have whether or not you consider yourself to have lived a particularly noteworthy life. After all, what exactly defines noteworthy? And to whom? Your life story will always be interesting because it's yours and...

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