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What are eBooks exactly?

eBooks are simply digital books but they can take on a range of styles. 

Some eBooks are PDF files, graphic rich and filled with quick bites of information, printable worksheets, articles or reports. 

Other eBooks might be text only, much like a regular print book. 

When it comes to eBooks offered by businesses, the content is usually highly specific, offering concise information on a very niche topic. 

If you run a law firm for instance, you might have an eBook titled, ‘Your Guide to LPAs’ or, ‘The Importance of Having a Will’. 

Because eBooks are so specialised, you can offer one on each topic, specifically aimed at customers interested in that service. 

eBooks can be:

  • anything from 500 words to 50,000
  • image rich or text-only
  • formatted as PDF, epub, mobi or other eReader formats
  • portable on most devices
  • highly niched
  • subscriber list builders

Books are very much seen as trustworthy and eBooks have benefitted from that reputation. Readers also know that when information comes in book form, it’ll be considerably more comprehensive and useful than a simple blog post. 

Offering eBooks means that your business is providing comprehensive information for the benefit of the reader. Giving away these eBooks instantly creates appreciation and a bond with the reader, helping drive them towards becoming a customer. 

eBooks also provide huge value for current customers and help your business retain them. eBooks give you authority and when your customers know they can get even more information from your business for free, they’ll keep coming back for paid services. 


Keeping customers on their website is a huge goal for most businesses and while blogs certainly help, if readers can’t find the information they’re looking for, they’ll look elsewhere. 

eBooks allow you to create goldmines of knowledge and information that will not just keep customers coming back to your business, but they’ll be reading about your services and products offline too through the eBooks. 

Because eBooks can be any length, they can serve well as short guides and overviews as well as literature of thousands of words. You can create eBooks that are simply a compilation of related blog posts you’ve already written or write eBooks from scratch to solve a particular problem or inform a reader on a specific subject. 

With eBooks, you have complete flexibility. 

Blogs have been essential for businesses for a while now and readers are used to them. If you want your business to really stand out from the competition and create value for the customer above and beyond other businesses, it’s time to build your eBook library.


Want to get started? 

Here at The Literary Lifeboat, I work with clients to create the eBooks they want. Whether it’s title generation and writing or a full package of ideas, content and design, I can help you engage your customers and build your eBook offerings. 


eBooks can play a big part in your business’ digital marketing strategy. They inform your audience on specific topics, can help bring in more revenue and show that you know your industry inside out. 

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