I’m seeing this more and more. So many business and companies plough effort and money into web design and fancy, innovative services but their content is so dull it’s a struggle to get past the first sentence. 

It’s as though they’ve read that you need a blog so they’ve created a blog. But they didn’t read on to find that their blog needs to be every bit as fantastic as the rest of their business.

And I get it, investing in content can feel pointless for so many companies. 

But this is the mindset difference in companies that are smashing it out of the park and those that are wondering why the phone isn’t ringing. 

What content does for your business — no matter your industry


Content such as blogs is the single most effective way to speak directly to your audience in a way that shows who you are, what you’re about and that you’re on the same page as them. 

Content can inspire, entertain and educate — it provides phenomenal value to the reader and, in turn, phenomenal value for your business. 

If it’s done the right way. 

I’m seeing so much half-arsed content these days that it’s easy to see why a company with a lacklustre blog would think investing in content is useless. They aren’t getting many blog views and nobody’s is clicking their links. So why should they put any more effort in?

Simply, if you can’t be bothered to create compelling, useful content, why would the reader bother reading it? In fact, why would they think you’d be bothered to provide them with an outstanding service if every inch of your website isn’t outstanding?

Consumers can see effort and care, they recognise it. And they’ll be able to tell that a company who puts huge efforts into everything they do, from their product development to their blog, will probably put huge efforts into helping the consumer. 

If effort is clearly lacking in one part of your business — often the content side — then where else might it be lacking?

No one turns up to an interview in a beautiful suit, a great CV but muddy trainers and dirty fingernails. 

What is great content and how does it work?


Great content is useful to readers. It’s not all about you and your company although it will be relevant. 

Instead it’s about giving. Not selling. You give your readers content like you would give them a free product. Because it is a free product and the product is information, entertainment, knowledge or inspiration. 

But it’s also your content and is the perfect way to show your readers who you are. Using your personality. Branding is a huge topic right now but don’t think it’s just about colour schemes, fonts and logos. It’s also about tone of voice, the words you use, the vibe you give off in every sentence and the attitude with which you communicate. 

Let’s look at an example of a company that has amazing content when its competitors can’t be arsed. 

Starling Bank

Now…a bank is probably not the kind of company that you’d expect to have a wonderful blog. I mean, banking is kinda…well…dry? How much is there really to say on the subject?

As it turns out, tons. 

Starling don’t blog about boring/unhelpful stuff like, ‘how the interest rate affects you’ or ‘why don’t you take out a massive loan and get into even more debt?’ (I’m paraphrasing content from other banks here)

Instead they very clearly strive to help their readers and provide value that is genuine. It’s so effective that I even found their blog through a Google search without even realising they had one. I don’t think that’d ever happen with regular banks. 

Starling blog about a huge variation of money-related subjects. Recent posts have been: 

These blogs aren’t about Starling, they’re about subjects Starling know their readers would benefit knowing more about. 

They collect and publish stories about how business owners have solved their money troubles, the tools they use to stay organised and grow and the problems facing people like freelancers and how to solve them. 

They create value and they give it away. If Starling only blogged about their own services, very few people would read it and nobody would find it through search engines. 

And when Starling do blog about their own services, their readers trust what they have to say, because they’ve already benefitted from the other blog posts and can see that Starling care about their readers. And if they care, they’re probably not going to try to sign them up to huge loans and accounts that aren’t suited to them. 

It doesn’t matter what your business is

Businesses in insurance, banking and tech can utilise blogs just as much as more aspirational businesses can. 

In fact, I’ve seen so many travel businesses recently who have shockingly poor blogs. Travel is one of the easiest topics to create informative, inspirational and entertaining blogs about. 

And yet so many travel companies have minimal content, usually in a borderline unreadable format and without even a hint of spark and personality. 

You can sell carpets and have a wonderful blog that drives traffic and increases consumer trust and sales. You can sell table legs and do the same. You can sell buckets…you get the picture. 

If you continually give your readers fantastic content, they will come back to you time and time again. They’ll trust you, look to your for advice and believe in your products and services. 

Trust and custom is something you earn. The easiest way to earn is by investing in outstanding content and showing your audience that you do, actually care and that you do, actually have a personality.

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