No Need to Drown Out There.

Let’s Build a Bridge

Your know your stuff. You really do.

You’ve worked hard to learn your industry, gain experience and build great things. And there’s a lot of people out there who need what it is you’re selling.

But in order to succeed and grow, you need to reach those people.

And that’s tough. 

At the Literary Lifeboat, I’m here to pull you out of murky waters and bring you to shore. I believe in making it as easy as possible for experts like you to reach the people you’ve set out to help.

Because if you can’t make a connection with your audience, you’re drowning – and there’s no need. 

By listening to who you are, what your business does and who you’re looking to reach, I create powerful and compelling content that bridges that gap between you and your customers.   

I work to use your voice in a language your customers speak. Because they need your expertise – but without engaging and innovative content, there’s an oceanic barrier.

At the Literary Lifeboat, content isn’t king, it’s oxygen.

I don’t write the same ol’ sentences people are numbed to. I don’t work in clichés or pump out bland, generic blog posts that make visitors wish they’d just read the Wikipedia page.

I respect your expertise and write words that make readers to see it, feel it and want to jump aboard that ship you’re sailing. 

At the end of the day, you want to make a real connection with your audience. When you work with me to bridge that gap, create outstanding content and share your expertise in a way that speaks directly to your audience, you won’t be drowning.

You’ll be on top of the world. 

Who am I exactly?

I’m a trans-ocean sailor, author, writer and the founder of The Literary Lifeboat.

I’ve been writing copy and content for national and international companies since 2013, helping brands ignite their blogs, inspire their readers and help show them as the authorities they are. 

I spent three years sailing on a Nicholson 32 MkX from the UK to Panama and back.

I can highly recommend it.

In addition to running The Literary Lifeboat, I’m a travel writer with features in publications such as The Guardian and Yachting Monthly. You can read my journalism over on

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