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You’re the Expert.


 Let’s bridge the gap

between you and your audience.

Looking to find a way of reaching a wider audience but lost in the murky waters of content?

Content marketing is an ocean but there’s no need to drown. 

You’re an expert in your business. You know your stuff. But reaching the people who need your expertise? That’s a toughie. 

But paddling is for kids. It’s time to build a bridge directly to your audience. 

At the Literary Lifeboat, I create outstanding, innovative content to share your expertise with the people who need it, in a language they speak.

What Do You Need To Thrive?

You might have your products and services nailed. Your website might be prettier than the lead actress walking the red carpet. But if nobody’s searching for your actual business, it doesn’t matter how great you are. 

Building outstanding content through blog posts is one of the best forms of content marketing. It gives your audience way more chances to find you through search engines by searching the terms that I optimise your blogs for. 

And you want to be found, right?

But it’s not just about getting readers to your site. You want them to hang around and keeping dropping by. That’s why I create compelling, informative and engaging posts you won’t find anywhere else. 

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Content isn’t just about blogs, although they’re a necessity if you want to be found by readers who might never have heard of your business.

Content goes further. eBooks are a chance for you to really show the depth of your knowledge and to give it away for free.

Yup, you read that right.

By offering insightful and informative blogs, you’re giving away knowledge for free. By creating a library of eBooks to inspire, educate or entertain your visitors, you’re doing them a huge favour.

And they’ll come back again and again – this time, for your products and services.

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Whether it’s eBooks or print books, readers trust those who publish books. It’s no mean feat to write a book on a subject, even if it’s your specialist subject. Especially if it’s your specialist subject. 

That’s why more and more businesses, brands and experts are creating books and eBooks. They’re building the authority they know they deserve. 

Books are one of the top ways to show your expertise. Whether it’s a how-to guide, a manifesto, a primer or a memoir, when you have a book, you build trust. 

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SEO sounds all fancy but it’s really simple: SEO ensures that when your audience go searching for something you offer, your content sticks it’s beautiful hand up and gives them a big wave. 

SEO allows your business to be found

So if you’ve got a bucket load of content and web pages but nobody’s finding them, it’s time to have your SEO optimised. 

And if you’re lacking content or gripping website copy, that’s no problem. At the Literary Lifeboat, it’s all about content, SEO, more content and more SEO. 

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Services at The Literary Lifeboat


Ghostwriting Books and eBooks

Got a story to tell or an eBook idea but don’t have the time to write it? I can turn your knowledge into a fantastic book.

Business eBooks

Need to share your in-depth expertise? Need a how-to guide? Want a mini-eBook to give away for free? I design, develop and write eBooks for businesses.


Blog Posts + SEO

Every company needs engaging blog posts that answer questions, inspire readers and encourage their adventures. Blogs mean you appear in Google more often and drive extra traffic.

Destination Guides + Product Descriptions

Destination guides aren’t just about the place, they’re about the person who wants to visit. I write destination guides created around your audience.

Product descriptions make you money. If you want to get your amazing travel products into the hands of those that need them, they’ll need descriptions that’ll do them justice.

Proofreading and Editorial

A single typo or grammatical error can make a reader click away from your site. Whether it’s books, posts or other types of publication, I work with clients to ensure their content is flawless.

Creative Copywriting

You’re proud of your brand and wish everyone could love it as much as you do. I write brand About Pages, Service Pages and creative website copy that’ll show visitors just why your brand is worth their time.

The Literary Lifeboat is a content writing and copywriting business based in Exeter, UK.

I work with businesses both locally and internationally to create the impact they require. Distance isn’t a problem here so whether you’re Devon-based or halfway around the world, I can help you reach your content goals like a cat finds a lap – with ease. 

‘Kitiara is an amazing copywriter. She has helped me to make the copy on my website home page and about page so much more customer focused and personable. If you need help turning the copy around for your business I can 100% recommend getting in touch with Kit!’ – Jennifer Corcoran,

“My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel – it is, before all, to make you see.”

Jack London

Captivating travel copy offers the reader a glimpse of somewhere they could be and turns it into a place that they suddenly need to be.

The Literary Lifeboat

Ibiza can be a party destination or a hiker's haven. Great travel content writes for the reader, not the stereotype.

The Literary Lifeboat

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